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Quality, Timely Delivery and Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

In the specialized cutting tool industry, pricing has always been a very key issue. Low costs, though important, often do not live up to the demanding requirements of today's world. The lowest cost product may also mean the production of inferior quality products or lost of time to market for our customers. The balance of cost and quality has always been a challenge to many of which is one of the many balances that we, at Access Precision Tools has been able to strike successfully.

Timely Delivery

Specialized cutting tools are often needed urgently. To meet these demands, constant investments and upgrading of our technology and machinery are done. In addition, we recognize that our people are our company's key assets. Thus, we continually invest in our people ensuring the best use of our equipment. In ensuring that well-trained people use the best technology, we believe firmly that we can fulfill our customers' demanding delivery schedules.

Laser Marking Edge Horning Edge Horning

Rollomatic ShapeSmart™ NP5 Cylindrical Pinch / Peel grinder Saacke machine TTB-TGC6

Starusak- Fleximat Coborn RG9 PCD &
PcBN Tool Making

Vollmer QWD 750 Vollmer QWD 760 ZOLLER (genius 3)

Micro-VU Spectra OpticalComparator GFM's new MikroCAD
Lite Cutting Edge Device
The FC-250EX Diamond/CBN Wheel Truing and Dressing Machine